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Replacement Boards - Per Board
Replacement Boards - Per Board

Replacement Boards - Per Board

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Need some boards for your home target?  We've got the boards for you.   100% wood (species subject to availability, but generally Red Pine)

We source our target boards from a local sawmill.  Unlike off-the-shelf home building center lumber, this "green" wood is has never seen a kiln nor chemical treatment   In our expirience it lasts 2-5 times as long as #2 SPF grade lumber you can buy in stores.  Additionally, we get it cut to the full 2 inches by 10 inches (extra thick compared to a 'standard' 2"X10".  

Board Dimensions: 2"X10"X48"

Target Specifications: We can paint on our own LumberJaxe Target, a World Axe Throwing League Target, or take it blank and draw the target yourself!

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