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Replacement Boards - Full Set
Replacement Boards - Full Set
Replacement Boards - Full Set

Replacement Boards - Full Set

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Need some boards for your home target?  We've got the boards for you.   100% wood (species subject to availability, but generally Red Pine)

We source our target boards from a local sawmill.  Unlike off-the-shelf home building center lumber, this "green" wood is has never seen a kiln nor chemical treatment   In our expirience it lasts 2-5 times as long as #2 SPF grade lumber you can buy in stores.  Additionally, we get it cut to the full 2 inches by 10 inches (extra thick compared to a 'standard' 2"X10".  

Board Dimensions: 2"X10"X48"

Target Specifications: We can paint on our own LumberJaxe Target, a World Axe Throwing League Target, or take it blank and draw the target yourself!  We can even double-side the boards.  You might find the green wood lasts so long, that you can just flip them around and use them again! Let us know and we can paint the target on both sides so you can flip and get the maximum life out of your boards.

Due to the size and weight of the product, shipping is not available.   Local delivery is available for a small fee, or pick up it up at our 250 City Centre Ave. Location. 

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